➥ Streaming - Dragon girl rendering

Watch me shade this forever and ever never ending pic of a dragon girl being all tee-hee at the camera (and save me from the pic of boredom that is this evening).

Warning: It’s a mature pic, though not super explicit. The character is in panties and the furry style of no-nipple boob, because that’s how she rocks (apparently).

Also, I shall be listening to metal. Nostalgia ftw.




Octopus: HUMAN




Shibara, I have found you a thing.



I’d take you so many places Mr Octopus /TTnTT\

Hello! Have a little goldy giftart for being the sweet person you are :3




We try to watch films together, and it starts off well, but somehow we always end up out of sync. 

i cant tell you how much this cartoon means to me…


this will fix that problem :)


Every single movie night. 

i w i :huggle:

Little comic thingy that goes with the Coming to Terms chapter bibliotecaria-d​ just uploaded.

Go read iiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!

This fic just keeps getting better, I can’t deal sdklfdmlkgn /TTuTT\

Last Thursday me and Emma finally moved out of his home and into our own apartment. 

The day before yesterday I brought the fishies in.

Today internet got installed.

I am working, looking at the fattest goldfish roll around, thinking of making preserves, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt this much background-radiation sort of happiness.

Thanks for all the nice messages tublr folk. ^ ^

Pic by me and deliciously juicy (and very much non-con-y) fic under the Read More by bibliotecaria-d

Thank youuuu, thankyouthankyouthankyouuusdfhndigndfigundfgh /)TTuTT(\ <3


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Trentren - Caicai

Because I have recently been reading a lot about cultural appropriation in regards to art inspired by US native american designs.

I felt like making a thing for myself.

So @bibliotecaria-d wrote another Nautilator bit and it’s cuter than cotton candy, and puppies and alksjdnasldjdfgkdfjgnfldkjgnfghjkgnhgh /)i  u  i(\

So I drew a thing ’ w ‘

Nautilator, you are so dense black holes weep with envy <3 /TTuTT\

Thanks so much to all of you who took a second to leave lovely notes in the inbox, IM and posts. Thanks so much to you Unicroffee for having redirected people’s wuv in absentia. I probably wouldn’t have mentioned anything at all, because shy, but all the hugs and good wishes did me good. U  U 

A couple of people asked what happened: my loved kitty died yesterday.

She had been having serious health problems for a while now. This was the unavoidable outcome, but it was still a terrible day.

I’m not a person who posts photos much, but I love her, and miss her and I want to leave a pic here in her honor.

Ronda was the most paintable of french girls. 

I love you kitteh, rest in peace.


Kitteh is so sick.

I drew a manatee-dog-thing to be sad in my place.

Fourth finished pic for the Naughty Dragon Portfolio!

This one was by far the hardest one to make. The shading took forever i w i


My last pic for the folio aside from the YCH special =3

Last days to get your copies, the patreon closes on the 30th >u</

This is my first contribution to the Sizes Charity Folio> sizesproject


Here’s a blurb from their profile:

"Sizes aims to show bodies of all shapes and sizes in a respectful, admiring light, with the goal of promoting self-esteem and love for all bodies. It works by pairing real-life models of any size and shape with artists who portray them in "life drawing style" as anthropomorphic animal-people. Hopefully, this helps viewers of the project to associate their appreciation for diversity in nature to the inclusion of human bodies of all shapes and sizes. Additionally, donations made to the folio will be sent directly to charity; several are being considered at this time."


It was a joy working on this, and I hope I did the model justice. UwU

Third finished pic for the Naughty Dragon Portfolio!


We have reached hardcover printiiiing!

Icon commission for Kacekitten, which I forgot to upload at the time, but there it is now <:D